Bear and Goose at the End of Everything

Peter Martin
Published on 20 Oct 2019 / In Film & Animation

*Yes, you're quite right, water isn't wet.
This one was inspired by rereading Ursula K. Le Guin recently. She passed away last Monday,
January 22. There’s no doubt she was one of the greats, and lots of us grew up adoring her work and still do, myself included. If you aren’t familiar with her books, this is a great place to start:
Thank you for the stories, Ms Le Guin. You’ll be much missed indeed.

Goose gives a little nod to Hunter S. Thompson, a line from his suicide note. The whole thing is quite haunting. He's also much missed.

I also heavily stole bits from The Last Question, by Isaac Asimov. It's a great story. You'll like it.

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