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Film insulting Mohammed Failed Dividing Muslims & Christians (on a massive scale)

Clem Kadiddlehopper
Published on 12 Mar 2019 / In Other

~new: http://whynotnews.eu/?p=1622 ~credits video: http://youtube.com/SyrianGirlpartisan [SyrianGirlpartisan quote:] "I put forward my hypothesis on what i believe could be the true intentions behind the film insulting the prophet Mohammed and how it backfired. The intentions were to divide Muslims and christians, rioting against or assassination of the pope, and to remove Obama and put Mitt Romney in power. But the result has also been a backlash against US imperialism in the muslim world and the blow up of the Libya and Syria narrative of democratic protesters instead of sectarian gangs. However I do believe there this will lead to the election of Mit Romney and the down fall of Obomer.


Syrian patriot, Anti-imperialist, Anti-NWO. Geopolitics and fashion, war and kittens. :) 100% Syrian to the core, many generations back. I'm of a sunni muslim background. Family was part of the ruling class before they were deposed from power by the ba'athist coup of the current government. My opinion on the syrian government, i have no illusions in any government anywhere in the world. My opinion on Bashar Assad, an educated nice face for the real powers, do figure heads ever have all the power? No. My opinion on parlimentary democracy? Hah, it's a sham! A failed and inferior system, especially when you are voting for people not for ideas, especially if its a two party system with two equivalent parties. But if that's what people want that is what they should have. It will change little, but better for it to happen through a sovereign syria, rather than the destruction of Syria and the Syria-Iran alliance by the dogs of war Israel, NATO and Co.

Christians and Muslims in #Egypt unite and protest the film insulting the prophet Mohamad. It was designed to divide them. FALSE FLAG FAIL. So much for your clash of civilisation.

[SyrianGirlpartisan unquote]

Knows Arabic, English


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