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Pop OS 20.10 Linux | NEW UPDATES! with Window Stacking | System 76 [2020]

Clem Kadiddlehopper
Published on 26 Oct 2020 / In How-to & Style

Pop OS 20.10 by System 76 Update Linux we'll take a look at Tiles, Window Stacking, and More. Pop OS 20.10 Linux by System 76 Linux Update is an exciting new release. Let's explore the new Pop OS 20.10 Updates together! This video is intended for users of Pop OS! and Linux. We will compare and contrast Pop OS 20.04 with Pop OS 20.10.

Pop OS focuses on privacy, supplying a minimal desktop environment, and packing their system full of practical packages that have access to to start developing applications with various languages right away. It’s very lightweight and easy to install. Their default desktop environment is GNOME and it is a Ubuntu based distribution which lends it a great community for support.
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CentOS 8 - https://youtu.be/T_yZuQVDMG4
PopOS! - https://youtu.be/Vblwblo9Vdw
Parrot Security OS: https://youtu.be/zEsJk61JZpo
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CentOS 8: https://youtu.be/FLl2DETdww4
Fedora 30: https://youtu.be/nKqXKsgfFBM
Elementary OS 5: https://youtu.be/N7V_vBO4-2U
Arch Linux : https://youtu.be/QoyszQKX6Pk
Ubuntu 18: https://youtu.be/u33oBgCUMos
MX Linux 18: https://youtu.be/ZQXRrEvZ0KU
Linux Lite 4: https://youtu.be/ySmRl388tBE
Debian on Vbox: https://youtu.be/zikeyJS317Q
Manjaro 18: https://youtu.be/d300z09Pwvs
Debian 10: https://youtu.be/XiOhYgCPshU
Ubuntu Server 19: https://youtu.be/AfoA3yi43r8
Linux Mint 19: https://youtu.be/_LZy_ms2jY4
Debian 9: https://youtu.be/WZ08XMoFQco

Live Episodes:
PopOS! SimpleList C/C++ Episode 1 - https://youtu.be/G7ZEOCIxSRw
EndeavourOS SimpleList C/C++ Episode 2 - https://youtu.be/-Ay2_jIF2_w

What’s the difference?
Debian vs Ubuntu: https://youtu.be/pfKeSGKzBgg
Debian 10 vs Debian 9: https://youtu.be/A3LQMplUqjo

00:00 Intro
00:20 Install & Kernel Updates
00:30 GNOME Update & Rearrange Applications
01:11 Window Tiling Manager
02:00 New Window Stacking Feature
05:06 Floating Window Exceptions
05:30 Settings Name Changes
05:42 User Login
05:56 Calendar Update
06:05 Restart Available from Power Menu
06:35 Appearance
06:44 System Resource Usage

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