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Vietnam People of Saigon

Clem Kadiddlehopper
Published on 01 Nov 2019 / In People & Blogs

■ SAIGON, VIETNAM: Despite me not knowing a single word of Vietnamese I set out on a tour of the country's biggest city, Ho Chi Minh, to see what the people are truly like. This is the story of how that day unfolded from early morning until late afternoon.

As expected as soon as you leave the downtown areas the attitude and friendliness of the people increases exponentially. In this episode we cross several rivers by boat and end up in an area of town where I highly doubt they ever run into any foreigners.

The look on people's faces were priceless. On a rural road people even starting chasing us on bikes whilst pointing laughing and staring. All in good fun of course. In other areas people gave up whatever they were doing at the time to stop and smile.

The people of Saigon often appear a bit serious but the reason for that is quite simply. Us foreigners don't have the best reputation plus we speak a language many of them have no clue about. If you smile first though, 90% of the time you'll get a smile back.

In all my days of traveling this year I can honestly say that this was easily one of the top 3 days of this year so far.

■ PART II: FAMILY LIVING w/PYTHON: https://youtu.be/6_JubkLPlEk

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