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Clem Kadiddlehopper
Published on 01 Nov 2019 / In People & Blogs

■ STALINGRAD, RUSSIA: The city that changed the course of European as well as world history is today known as Volgograd. The Germans had over a Million men here at the peak of the conflict in late 1942. The Soviets poured in considerably more. The dream of a German empire died here at the banks of the Volga river. The same banks instead gave birth to the dream of a Soviet empire.

This is where it all turned around for the Soviet Union. The victory here propelled the Red Army forward to re-conquer the territories lost in the the 1941-42 season and eventually all the way to Berlin.

The historical significance of Stalingrad was palpable as I touched down at the airport. The rest is not history as they say but in the film above.

ASVR - Nightmare https://youtu.be/ctCp6YxrQeU

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