Peter Martin
Published on 17 Oct 2019 / In Travel & Events

00:23 Leaving Mae Hong Son
02:00 Mae Hong Son Mountains
03:04 On Learning Thai Language
05:19 Mountain Top Lookout
07:56 Funny Thai Women with Accents
14:43 How I Invented Selfie-Driving
15:00 Riding Montage
15:40 Easiest Aspects of Learning Thai
17:16 Asking About Off The Beaten Path Ride
17:44 EPIC Hidden Mountain Road
20:23 Top of the Secret Mountain
22:06 Selfie-Driving Down the Mountain
23:21 Caught Out By Rain Yet Again
23:50 Pai's Beautiful Nature
26:20 Pai's Waterfall
29:00 Me Sliding Down the Waterfall
30:34 On Israelis
30:53 Unseen Thailand
31:34 Epic Thai Resort in Pai

Day 6 of my month long tour of Thailand by motorbike. I drive on top of one of Thailand's highest mountains on the outskirt of Pai. As I get caught in the rain once again coming down from the mountain I find a hotel in Pai city.

I change my clothes and drive through some amazing Thai villages and rice fields to a waterfall where I 'fall' in love with more than just the river.

Intro: TeknoAXE - Technopop7_b


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